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Chaupal: First Edition

The Igniters, with its aim to promote art forms and to provide a platform to young talents, organized the first ever Chaupal on 11th Feb 2017 at Satyawati College, University of Delhi.

“Chaupal” is not just an event an idea brewed up to bring back the times and culture discussion of Nukkad.

With our lives moving at an uncontrollable pace, we don’t get time to stop, think and share. Thus we came up with Chaupal. Chaupal is its own kind of initiative by The Igniters, where beginners in different art forms, whether it’s poetry, acting or storytelling, are invited to share their work in a non-competitive environment.


It was not a matter of surprise for us to receive huge participation. The Venue was decorated with an aim to create an ambiance of typical Chaupal. This was complemented with the quality of content with which our participants came.

Since the theme and format of the program were kept open, we came across different genres and themes during the course of the event. From poems to short stories and from love to patriotism the participants explored different hues of our society in the most creative way possible.

All in all our objective to give a platform to budding talent was achieved and we got the motivation to come up with many such events.

This was the first Chaupal conducted of the Chaupal series and received quite a positive and fulfilling response. The program wrapped up with a group photo of the participants and the team members.