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Poetry Recital Session

Poetry uses the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of a language to convey its meaning and our younger generation is using this medium extensively to express their thoughts. For such young artists, an amazing poetry recital session was conducted by The Igniters at The Railway yard cafe. The creative ambiance that the venue provided helped the poets channel their inner creativity smoothly.

The love for poetry attracted people from different arena of life to the session. As the participants recited the poems, there were frequent applauds and cheers punctuated by moments of pensive silence. Sometimes the whole cafe echoed with laughter only to fall silent the next moment. Every emotion could be felt in the cafe as we explored the beauty of poetry.


The participants were invited to recite poems of Rumi, John Elia and Bashir Badr but they were also encouraged to share something of their own creativity.

As the evening progressed we discovered some the wonderful poets and were awestruck by the ways they conveyed their message to the listeners. The poems came from different genres be it love, ambition, patriotism or the life itself.

Although the session started around 6 PM in the evening, it remained lively and cheerful till late around 9 PM. There were some first timers and hesitant poets as well who earlier had stage fright but tackled it with encouragement from the fellow poets

Along with the event, there were few paintings available for the participants to buy. The paintings depicted some of the great words from great people worthy of being showcased in our drawing rooms.