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Theatre Workshop

Someone has rightly said that there is drama in every life and life in every drama. Therefore, it’s not surprising that theatre as a form of entertainment has been around for years. It is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers to enact situations that entertain, enliven and enlighten us.

The theatre workshop conducted by The Igniters on 4th of March invited three of the well-trained minds of theatre to enlighten us with their personal experiences with theatre which proved to be a new learning experience to most of the people present at the venue. The venue for the event was Department of Social work, University of Delhi which was as per the requirement of the workshop. It had adequate space for various activities which was conducted one after the other.

The session started with an awe-inspiring session by our first trainer Imran Raza. Mr Raza is an artistic director at Theatron theatre and also serves as a director at IG Productions. During the session, He imparted his knowledge about the origins of theatre and also about its progress to the contemporary forms. He also discussed the current emerging trends in theatre while stressing on the growing need to change our set perspectives towards forms and mediums of theatre.

After the fabulous introductory session, things moved on to the practical nuances of theatre. Our next trainer was Asif Qamar, an artistic director at Explorers Theatre Trust.  He carried out several activities to show the importance of team-building and collaboration which undergoes in every theatre production.

The third and last session was conducted by Saif Ansari. He is working at SRC repertory and also in a crime based TV series. Through many activities, he demonstrated how the art forms around us, whether it’s music or theatre, helps us understand the psychology of fellow being and inculcates the much-needed empathy within us.