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Gypsy- The Heritage Club

Gypsy – The Heritage Club

Before we came to be, there have been many who came before us. They lived their lives, governed their societies, and built their nations that have eventually been passed on to us, the inhabitants of the Present world. But, in the course of doing all this, our ancestors learned from their lives as we all do and accumulated their wisdom. It is this wisdom that is conveyed to us when we explore our heritage. When we engage with the culture of the bygone era, it is not just the beauty that we see, but a key to understanding ourselves. This is why a lot of us turn to traveling, exploring, make it their way of life.

To such people who want to understand themselves, and the society around them better, The Igniters Presents “Gypsy- The Heritage Club”. Gypsy aspires to be a platform for learning by traveling. Anyone who is interested in learning about our culture, our past and our traditions can join and embark on a journey of discovery.

Objectives of Gypsy:-

  • To gather like-minded people who love traveling and exploring
  • Exploring the mystical and historical facts about our heritage sites
  • Glorifying and popularizing Heritage sites and Historical Monuments among youths
  • Critical thinking about governance and traditions of past and present
  • Creating awareness about preserving our heritage and environment
  • Exploring the model of development, innovative plans, and research projects of various parts across the nation which can be implemented to preserve our heritage.
  • Developing the career opportunities for youth in the field of travel & tourism


Career opportunities with Gypsy


  • Become a traveler, blogger, writer, and story-teller while exploring different Heritage sites
  • Opportunity for Archaeologist, Environmentalist, Researchers, and policy-makers to collect a variety of information of the particular sites and places.
  • Archaeologists will visit the Heritage sites, historical monuments and can dig up lots of information about antiquities.
  • Environmentalist will be analyzing the various aspects of the environment of various places that can help for “clean India” mission
  • Researcher and policy-maker can adopt the successful model from local places and can implement at national level

Various Events Under Gypsy:

A series of walks will be conducted in various interesting heritage sites.
Trips to ecologically diverse and important areas to understand lifestyle and the need for preservation.
Regular meetings and discussion among the participants and experts on historically important issues, to understand our society better.
Walks to explore the cuisines of a popular area.
To observe and capture the beauty of different heritage sites

To Join:

Gypsy Captain- Narendra Singh: +91 7053312949
Gypsy Co-Captain- Chetan Bagaria: +91 997177399
Advisory Captain- Rajnish Chaudhary +91 9958859349.

Or, Drop your details at