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Public Speaking & Policy Making Workshop

Policy Making, simply put, is a process of designing an effective framework to find solutions to a particular problem. Though, often policy making is associated with authorities as if the government is the only entity capable of forming and implementing a policy. While that holds true, in the case of nationwide problems, it need not be true when it concerns the problems around us. There is a need to decentralize policy making among youth, So, it’s important that we train our youth to think towards a solution. In the 21st Century, this problem-solving skill will be crucial to their growth.


With this belief in mind, The Igniters organized a Public Speaking Cum Policy Making Workshop on 23rd of August in Satyawati College (Evening), in collaboration with “Tark-Manch”, the debating society of the college. In the workshop, training of public speaking was combined with knowledge of Policy Making, as these complements each other perfectly and communication is the most important skill to understand a problem. In the first part of the workshop, the trainers Mr. Indrajeet Singh and Mr. Prateek Garg guided students to combat the stage fright. Through various activities, they depicted how they could shed their inhibitions and be bold in their presentation.

In the second half, the focus shifted to policy making. Mr. Jagannath Kashyap, who has written extensively in different magazines on issues closely related to policy making, talked to participants. He shared his account of journeys where he had observed the work of government machinery in implementing different machinery.


With over a hundred participants in presence, the event turned out to be a successful one. The excitement was palpable among students to explore and learn more. The main purpose of the workshop was to decentralize policy making, to make our youth aware of it, so they themselves could become change makers. The workshop will be followed with an action based research plan conducted with the help of participants. This was the first of the workshops conducted by Public Speaking Division of The Igniters, and there are more similar workshops in this offing, where we’ll delve deeper into the issue. In case you missed this one, make sure you are there for the next.