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The Art and Science of Photography : Our School Chapter

Photography is the scientific and artistic application of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation either electronically by the image sensor or chemically by photographic film.
In this realm, The Igniters under its ‘school chapter’ held a workshop of photography at Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka, Delhi on 15.07.2017. Students from 6 std. to 12 std. were available to attend the workshop which was a couple of hours long.


The workshop was conducted by Ms. Pallack Bhutani, an efficient and well known photographer herself. The first fifteen minutes was the ice breaker introductory session. The trainer tried to teach the art of photography in such a way that it included the topics of their own syllabus. The students were left awestruck.
Miss Bhutani introduced photography through its origin and gradually moved to more sensitive areas of ‘Mechanics: Through optics’ taking references from how the human eye works. Another topic covered was ‘Creativity and Composition’. Examples were taken from the chapter ‘Living Organisms and their Surroundings’. Around half an hour was spent on the core area of photography discussing
– Shutter speed
– Aperture
– ISO.
These topics were explained taking into account the chapters of motion, measurement of distances, water, light and shadows.
Although the whole session was quite interactive, after teaching the core section, the workshop was open for doubt clearance. Children asked all kinds of queries as if they were treating photography as a potential career.

The session ended with a group photo. Both the students and teachers gave relishing feedback.