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‘Art Education Now ‘Campaign

THE IGNITERS is an organisation that works to promote art forms like theatre, creative writing, photography,film making, creative science, public speaking and policy making, etc. Our aim is to integrate art forms into our education system, to make the system more inclusive and compatible to challenges of 21st Century. In order to promote these arts and reach maximum people and create awareness in various forms, we held the ART CAMPAIGN at several places in and outside Delhi.



We held our help desk session at Daulat Ram College , DU. The kind of response we got there was quite encouraging for us. We discovered many creative heads interested in different artistic activities. The  real litmus test was cleared when they insisted on associating with us as volunteers , college ambassadors and trainers. This proves how art has imbibed each one us.

Our team visited Miranda House to interact and aware about importance of Art with students and the response was overwhelming, to say the least.Many students were willing to join us and what’s more amazing is that even faculty members came on board to support us in our endeavour.
We thank the Miranda House for providing us the space during the eve of NGO mela. We aslo had the paintings of Prof. Shiriraz Hussain sold over there.

One of our projects is Chaupal, which is sort of a gathering of creative minds to showcase their talent. At our Chaupal aspiring artists get together to share their work and to get feedbacks from fellow participants. Besides, at the first and second edition of Chaupal, which was held in Satyawati College and IP College for Women respectively, it also emerged as a platform to raise social concerns. People used their poetry and monologues to paint a picture of our society in a restrained yet effective way. During the event, a registration desk was set up for the interested volunteers to join which helped us to take our mission forward by integrating more and more people.


As we all know creativity knows no boundaries.“Let’s use Art as a tool for social and cultural exchange, growth, transformation, education, creativity, health, and happiness.” With this mission in mind, we went to Nepal. We held an Art Exchange Programme in Kathmandu. We talked to students about their interests, idols and exchanged knowledge about our country’s arts and artists. We met amazing young fellas who were very titillated by the presence of The Igniters in Nepal. During the event there was a bilateral recitation session of poems. People from different countries gave prodigious feedbacks.

These were our efforts to take our mission beyond boundaries and address maximum people. Our aim is to reach to the cause of the problems deep rooted in the society and we would continue doing so till it gets completely eradicated.